Business Lunch 

12:00 – 16:30 

Gabriel Business Lunch includes: Freshly baked focaccia and dips, individual cup of soup of the day & garden vegetable salad served to the center of the table with Your choice of Main Course Followed by coffee or tea

Additional Lunch Appetizers

Chicken Liver Pate
wild berry & red onion jam, pistachios, cinnamon toasts

Fire Roasted Farmers Eggplant
smoked eggplant tehina, tomato tartar, garlic confit, pickled lemon, olive oil, basil

Peppered Fillet Medallions
yam chips, shimeji mushroom, pistachio, red wine balsamic glaze

Choice of Main Course

Indian Summer Salmon
Curry and vegetable fried rice, mango cranberry salsa, coconut froth

Grilled Chicken Breast
roasted vegetable bulgur salad, zucchini parsley puree, lemon shallot & herb dressing

Malaysian Chicken Satay
grilled spring chicken basted in coconut peanut satay sauce, green pea and shimeji mushroom fried rice, yam and ginger puree, scallion and roasted peanuts

Steak & Fries
250 g. Entrecote steak, garlic confit, chimichurri sauce

Fillet Mignon Medallions
smashed blue bell potatoes with olive oil and chives, grilled vegetables, demi-glace sauce
68 per 100 gr. (minimum 200 g.)

Steak & Pasta
tender slices of fillet mignon, champignon mushrooms, green beans, charred peppers, beef stock

Vegetarian Option available
ask your server for details

French Fries